Watch out Ted Cruz, you've upset Bobby Knight! The Trump backer mocks Cruz for his basketball "rings" gaffe

Asked if he's ever heard the rim called a ring, the legendary Indiana basketball coach had a good laugh

Published April 29, 2016 4:05PM (EDT)

"Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade Friday morning aired his interview with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and his latest celebrity endorser, controversial former-Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight.

Knight's endorsement should pay huge dividends in next Tuesday's primary in Indiana, where Trump is facing a thoroughly desperate Ted Cruz whose mathematically impossible campaign has gone all in in the state.

Just as Iowa gets reduced to farms and fried food in the lead-up to its caucus, Indiana becomes the de facto basketball capitol of the world in the couple of weeks after Super Tuesday Part 4: Northeast and Mid-Atlantic edition.

Cruz learned the hard way that before pandering to the apparently make-or-break basketball caucus, one should Google what the orange circle attached to the backboard is called. (Hint: it's not a ring.)

And though Bobby Knight had a suspiciously tough time articulating his reasons for supporting Trump, he did not mince words while giving his opinion of Cruz's "basketball ring" gaffe.

"A guy that would come into this state and think that we play with rings instead of baskets is not a guy that's very well prepared to do a hell of a lot," Knight said, after a wheezy chuckle and a pat on Trump's back.

Watch the interview below:

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