Conservative provocateur Milos Yiannopoulos tells NY Times he'd violate his "antiwhite bedroom policy" for Donald Trump

The Breitbart editor doesn't even realize he's being ambushed by Ana Marie Cox

Published May 4, 2016 3:06PM (EDT)

 (Channel 4 News)
(Channel 4 News)

In an interview published in Wednesday's New York Times, Breibart technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos tries to outwit Ana Marie Cox and loses, badly.

In the interview -- which is accompanied by a photograph depicting Yiannopoulos as the love-child of Poochie, the "cool dog" from the Simpsons, and Sugar Ray lead-singer Mark McGrath circa 1999 -- Yiannopoulos repeatedly attempts to provoke Cox into a reaction, making a series of outlandish statements that she responds to as if he were reading a policy paper.

"If I’m going to promote a charity, I’ll promote mine," he said, before describing "the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant," which is "both means and ability tested, so [potential recipients] have to show academic promise, but they also need to need the money, so it’s poor white men."

Instead of taking his bait, Cox pushed the joke along, replying that "[t]o make it even more subversive, shouldn’t you give it to rich white men?"

"Yes, that would maybe be funnier, but it wouldn’t do any good in the world," he said, as if doing "good in the world" were something he legitimately cared about.

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