Elizabeth Warren is actually the most punk rock anti-Wall Street crusader the left has got left

Bernie beyond the realm of mathematical likelihood, Warren is the last Dem with a proven anti-Wall St. track record

Published May 13, 2016 7:37PM (EDT)

Elizabeth Warren told the Boston Globe she "laughed out loud" when she first read Donald Trump's new nickname for her: "Goofy Elizabeth Warren." (Is it really a nickname when it's just an adjective added to someone's legal name?) Presumably after she stopped laughing, Warren "left (my three grandchildren) and went to the other room and wrote the tweets."

The Twitter beef was big news. And when Trump brought on a secondary attack, it still hadn't gotten old.

But to be fair to history, Warren kind of started it -which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Often when opponents try to trump the Trump at his own game, they end up back in Florida with their tails between their legs. Warren, though, has clearly ruffled the peacock's feathers.

Writes the Globe:

"Warren’s ability to effectively confront Trump — rare among politicians — is also fresh evidence of the edge she brings as a surrogate for the Democratic Party and the strength she could offer the national ticket,particularly given how Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s campaign struggles to come across as authentic and is failing to connect with younger voters."

If a Sanders-Warren ticket was a leftist wet dream when the math was on Bernie's side, then a rumored Clinton-Warren ticket should at least be a palatable consolation prize. Warren is far more likely than Hillary Clinton to crusade against free market corruption and the surreptitious right-wingers who endorse it.

Last month, Warren touted a new Labor Department regulation restricting financial advisers from suggesting self-rewarding investments to their clients.

She e-shellacked Ted Cruz before he scurried back to Texas with his tail between his legs, Facebooking, "We’re supposed to pity him because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! I’ve got two words for you, Ted: Boo hoo."

And who could forget her beautiful face-to-face freakout on former-Deputy Director of the Division of Consumer and Community Affairs at the Federal Reserve Board, Leonard Chanin? The same guy who, she said, "helped lead the Federal Reserve division that refused to regulate deceptive mortgages — including the subprime lending that helped spark the crisis"?

"Did you have your eyes stitched close?" she pressed.

Read the Boston Globe story here.

Watch Warren's 7 most magical takedowns below:

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