"None of you will ever see me again because of what you've done": Sinead O'Connor's disturbing open letter to her family

In the open letter addressed to her ex-husband, O'Connor tells family "had better pray I die" or face legal action

By Brendan Gauthier
May 17, 2016 11:21PM (UTC)
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Just hours after Wilmette, Illinois, police located Sinead O'Connor Monday afternoon, the Irish musician shared an open letter to her ex-husband, producer John Reynolds, on her Facebook page.

"You tell that evil son of ours that a person who suffers from two fucking medical conditions of which the symptoms include suicidal compulsion isn't being manipulative," O'Connor told Reynolds, referring to their 28-year-old eldest son Jake.


"You and my father dropped me off at the hospital to get rid of him, fuck sake," she continued, again referring to Jake. "How many abortions have you forced women successfully to have John? Have you counted? I stopped counting about Sixteen years ago."

O'Connor, 49,  said she planned to sue "for what you've done to me if I manage to live through it," adding, "None of you will ever see me again because of what you've done."

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