WATCH: Jesse Watters attempts to humiliate "Hamilton" fans -- gets repeatedly schooled instead

Even Bill O'Reilly had to admit that "that kid with the orange hair, he could teach history!"

Published June 15, 2016 12:55PM (EDT)

Jesse Watters (Credit: Fox News)
Jesse Watters (Credit: Fox News)

At this point, Jesse Watters' shtick is as familiar as it is tired -- find an audience of people he assumes will be ignorant, hit on a few of the women in it, and generally try to humiliate the rest. That he has editorial control over these pieces and still manages to embarrass himself more often than not is -- honestly, the less said about that the better.

In this case, he attempted to demonstrate that people paying scalpers exorbitant prices for tickets to the Tony Award-winning musical "Hamilton" don't know much about "the ten-dollar founding father without a father," only to find that they did.

But first, he had to find a random woman to hit on, and approached a couple who revealed they paid $3,000 for what they called "the hottest ticket in town."

"I would think she is the hottest ticket in town," he replied.

He then spoke to people he suspected would know nothing, but turned out to know quite a bit -- a young girl who looked like she could still be in elementary school, and the most frequent Fox target, a young man who looks a little non-conformist.

When Watters discovered that the latter, whose orange hair clearly unnerved him, was fully capable of rattling off a list of the original 13 colonies, Watters called the segment to a halt and said "stop while you're ahead."

Would that he heeded his own advice -- we'd all be spared segments like the one below via Fox News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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