WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel asks Trump supporters what it would take for The Donald to lose their vote

"I got friends who have swastikas on their arms ... and they're cool," said a devotee who isn't deterred by fascism

By Brendan Gauthier

Published June 24, 2016 2:32PM (EDT)

"Jimmy Kimmel Live"'s eponymous host ran a (wo)man-on-the-street segment to ask members of GOP nominee Donald Trump's loyal voter base what it would take for the billionaire to lose their vote.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, among the things Trump would have to do to lose his voters, most were on par with shooting someone on Fifth Ave.

A guy with a sweet Fu Manchu and no sideburns said Trump would have to "take my guns" to lose his vote.

Another man said Trump would have to be a "child molester." Asked if there's anything else short of that, he said, "That's about it."

One woman was asked if she'd still vote for Trump if he lit the American flag on fire. She answered, "That's one of the freedoms that Donald Trump stands for."

When asked, a guy with a chin beard who kept his sunglasses on and earbuds in for the interview said Trump "probably does" have a swastika tattoo on his shoulder, but "I got friends who have swastikas on their arms ... and they're cool."

Watch the segment below:

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