WATCH: Trevor Noah applauds the SCOTUS decision defending abortion rights in Texas

The law said "the only doctors allowed to perform surgeries are Doctor Doom, Doctor Who, and Dr. Pepper," he said

Brendan Gauthier
June 29, 2016 5:30PM (UTC)

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah Tuesday night profiled SCOTUS's productive (relative to Congress, that is) last day before summer recess.

The eight-(wo)man Supreme Court, among other decisions, struck down a Texas law regulating (to death) abortion clinics, saying it placed "undue burden" on the Constitutional right of women to get an abortion.


"Texas was planning a scheme to get rid of abortion clinics by unfairly regulating them out of business. And it was working," Noah explained. "Many clinics were shut down all over the state. And women were losing access to reproductive services. Many of these regulations were blatantly unreasonable."

Such regulations were so strict as to require clinics be "mini-hospitals, with wide corridors, large operating rooms and advanced HVAC systems, among other requirements," according to an NPR report.

"The Texas law also said that the only doctors allowed to perform surgeries are Doctor Doom, Doctor Who, and Dr Pepper," Noah added. "And all clinics had to have a hedge-maze in front that patients had to complete in order to find the entrance."


Watch the full segment below:

Brendan Gauthier

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