Former Clinton Secret Service agent afraid Hillary will have him killed for writing tell-all

On Thursday, Gary Byrne told Alex Jones that he "did his due diligence" before writing "Crisis in Character"

Published July 1, 2016 1:26PM (EDT)

Gary Byrne (Credit: Fox News)
Gary Byrne (Credit: Fox News)

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne is attempting to promote his new book about his time in the Clinton White House, "Crisis in Character," by proving to the world that he is a very poor judge of just that -- character.

On Thursday, he appeared on conspiracy monger Alex Jones' radio program and, in so doing, "put [his] life on the line." Jones thanked him for appearing, then said that "I hope you don’t have any car accidents or airplane accidents or anything because the Clintons are organized criminals in my view and there’s a lot of death around them."

"I really hope you’ve got a big insurance policy taken out for your family," he added, to which Byrne replied that he and his family "knew what we were getting into and we’ve taken our precautions and did our due diligence. We’ll keep our fingers crossed."

Byrne outlined some of the stories he heard from unnamed sources in Arkansas about all the people the Clintons had murdered before reaching the White House. "This guy was as serious as a heart attack," Byrne told Jones.

"He told me all these bizarre stories about all these rumors of people that have had accidents, the stuff that you were referring to before," Byrne added. "I definitely think that if she gets elected that we’re going to see the crazy stuff we’ve seen for the last eight years is going to, unfortunately, look like a walk in the park."

Listen to the entire interview below via Media Matters.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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