Ann Coulter's July 4th cookout: Hot off the BBQ – a dish of xenophobic Twitter rants

The always inflammatory pundit took to Twitter this July 4th to tell us that ISIS and Mexican rapists are lurking

By Brendan Gauthier
July 5, 2016 7:16PM (UTC)
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Conservative pundit Ann Coulter this holiday weekend gave us her dire vision of a globalized America filled with terrorist attacks, Latin American rapists, more terrorist attacks and more rapists.

Coulter repeatedly trashed a liberal immigration policy that would grant amnesty to Syrian refugees, and — by her and GOP nominee Donald Trump's measurement — allow ISIS sleeper cells and Sharia law into "our new country."


A lot of her rant heretofore was sourceless, but by mid-afternoon (or, for New Canaanites, three mint juleps deep) Coulter found evidence of a Guatemalan (close enough?) rapist:

Then, after 10 minutes of searching, she landed in the right country:

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