"Let's have some fun tonight!": Chris Christie gets RNC crowd chanting "Lock her up!" and "Guilty!" in scathing speech about Hillary Clinton

Christie probably meant to mention Donald Trump more, but tonight was about Hillary's faults, not his qualities

By Scott Eric Kaufman
July 20, 2016 5:53AM (UTC)
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Chris Christie (Reuters/Jim Young)

New Jersey Governor and former prosecutor Chris Christie attempted to make an affirmative case for Donald Trump as the best possible candidate for president of the United States.

He opened by praising Trump as "a caring, genuine, and decent person," before quickly shifting gears and saying that "this election isn't just about Donald Trump, but about his opponent -- Hillary Rodham Clinton."


Christie claimed that the Obama administration has "refused to hold her accountable for her dismal record as secretary of state, so let's do something fun tonight! As a former federal prosecutor, I welcome the opportunity to hold Clinton accountable for her performance and her character."

He paused for a moment while the crowd chanted, "Lock her up! Lock her up!" Christie asked them "to hold on a few minutes, we'll get there."

"Since the Justice Department refuses to render a verdict, I'm going to present the facts against Hillary Rodham Clinton," Christie said, before listing off every single region undergoing unrest in the world -- Libya, Nigeria, China, Syria, Iran, Russia, and Cuba.


"Is she guilty or not guilty," he repeatedly asked.

"Guilty!" the crowd unfailingly replied.

"She fights for the wrong people," he claimed, "she never fights for us."

Christie also claimed she was guilty of "putting herself before America" by setting up private email servers and "lying to the American people about her selfish, awful judgment about making [America's] secrets vulnerable."


He concluded the speech by encouraging the audience to chant "Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!" and called her "a sham we cannot promote to commander-in-chief someone who has made America more vulnerable with every decision she's made."

Scott Eric Kaufman

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