WATCH: "The Daily Show" takes on Fox News host Jesse Watters' racist Chinatown skit: "When they mention Mexico, do you send someone to Taco Bell?"

Trevor Noah sent correspondent Ronny Chieng to New York's Chinatown to interview people sans smug Orientalism

Published October 7, 2016 1:13PM (EDT)

Trevor Noah's "Daily Show" on Thursday aired a response video to Jesse Watters' controversial man-on-the-street bit in Chinatown. Watters, host of the "Watters' World" segment for "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News, on Monday revealed his latest masterpiece, which was widely panned as offensive Orientalism.

"Daily Show" correspondent Ronny Chieng, in turn, took to the streets of Manhattan's Chinatown.

"Let me get this straight. They say China in the debate so you go to Chinatown? In New York?" "Daily Show" correspondent Ronny Chieng prefaced his critique of Watters' bit. "So when they mention Mexico, do you send someone to Taco Bell?"

"Chinatown is nothing like China," he continued. "They've got nothing to do with each other."

Chieng, in turn, took to the Chinatown streets to interview people in their native language.

"In this presidential election, they're both garbage," one man responded when asked his preferred candidate. "I'm gonna write my own candidate in: Alfred E. Neuman."

"Wait, you understand American politics enough to lodge a protest vote?" Chieng asked the guy, who responded, "Definitely."

"America-China relations are very important," one woman explained. "We used to say China was a friend. Now we're saying it's an adversary. That's very dangerous."

Asked how she knows so much about American politics, she responded, "I'm from Queens!"

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