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The Unforgiven David Talbot
The cold death of spymaster William Colby
May 6, 1996 11:10PM (UTC)
The banality of evil Deborah Geller
In the bland offices of a Dutch insurance company, Europe's most unspeakable crimes since World War II are finally being prosecuted. But will Bosnia's most infamous butchers ever see this room?
May 7, 1996 12:37PM (UTC)
Penthouse View Cynthia Joyce
Luna's Dean Wareham says he's not really an "aristorocker"
May 7, 1996 5:57PM (UTC)
The Shadow Man Alex Kuczinski
Alex Kuczinski reviews Mary Gordon's memoir, "The Shadow Man: A Daughter's Search for Her Father".
May 7, 1996 11:00PM (UTC)
"I'm Marion Barry. Feel My Pain." Arthur Allen
The psychodrama on the Potomac
May 8, 1996 12:52PM (UTC)
Talking In Bed Robert Spillman
Robert Spillman reviews "Talking In Bed" by Antonya Nelson.
May 8, 1996 11:00PM (UTC)
Health reform: Back from the dead? Andrew Ross
A new bill showing signs of life on Capitol Hill would plug a couple of gaping wounds in America's health care system. But, says the author of a new book on Clinton's ill-fated health plan, more and more Americans are getting sick of the nation's spotty medical coverage.
May 9, 1996 1:06PM (UTC)
Drawn With The Sword Katharine Whittemore
Katherine Whittemore reviews "Drawn With The Sword: Reflections on the American Civil War" by James M. McPherson.
May 9, 1996 11:00PM (UTC)
Rebel yelp Andrew Ross
Atlanta is proudly decking itself out for the Olympics. But even in the capital of the New South, you can still hear echoes of old Dixie, says civil rights historian Melissa Fay Greene.
May 10, 1996 2:29PM (UTC)
Slowness Dwight Garner
Dwight Garner reviews the book "Slowness" by Milan Kundera.
May 10, 1996 11:00PM (UTC)
COYOTE V. ACME James Marcus
James Marcus reviews the humor collection "Coyote V. Acme" by Ian Frazier.
May 11, 1996 11:00PM (UTC)
The Awful Truth Cintra Wilson
Iceland -- the source of quality
May 13, 1996 12:59PM (UTC)
Old fartery & literary dish Carl Swanson
May 13, 1996 2:05PM (UTC)
Cowboys in the sky Andrew Ross
With lax regulators and daredevil pilots, we can expect more nightmarish crashes like that of ValuJet Flight 592
May 13, 1996 2:40PM (UTC)
Elvis and his idols Joyce Millman
He writes the songs they ought to sing.
May 13, 1996 7:20PM (UTC)

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