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Seven deadly sins: Confessions of a stair mistress Elizabeth B. Krieger
While other students shoot pool, sling back beers and study, a growing tribe of compulsive exercisers pursues the perfect workout.
January 4, 1999 4:19PM (UTC)
The Hi-Lo Country Charles Taylor
The boredom trilogy: The scenery chews itself in 'The Hi-Lo Country,' director Stephen Frears' laconic throwback to '70s Westerns.
January 5, 1999 12:00AM (UTC)
Death in Antigua Steve Kettmann
When tragedy strikes his host family in Guatemala, Steve Kettmann confronts the painful dilemma of travelers who briefly intersect locals' lives.
January 5, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
Ten predictions for 1999 Andrew Leonard, Janelle Brown, Scott Rosenberg
Jenni in space! Palmagotchi! and other heardlines for the new year.
January 5, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
The baby girl I gave away Ceil Malek
Putting up a baby for adoption was the first act of my adult life, but it took me almost 30 years to face what that decision meant for me and my daughter.
January 5, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
Letter from Havana Frank Smyth
Che Guevara would have been puzzled by the joy of this past Christmas in Cuba, the first time this traditionally Catholic island has officially celebrated the holiday since the revolution. But Christmas isn't the only thing that might confuse Che as 1999 begins.
January 5, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
Machine dreams Scott Rosenberg
In an industry of clones, Steve Jobs put his smart, stylish, stubborn stamp on our computers.
January 5, 1999 4:39PM (UTC)
Fat! So? Michelle Goldberg
Michelle Goldberg reviews 'Fat! So?' by Marilyn Wann
January 6, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
Vive la roller blade! Susan Hack
Susan Hack reports on Paris' new Friday night rite: roller blading.
January 6, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
The ecology of Java Peter Wayner
It's not just Sun vs. Microsoft anymore -- as the success of little Transvirtual shows.
January 6, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
21st Log: More fun with Chinese movie titles Andrew Leonard
January 6, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
My mother's daughter Kristina Zarlengo
Part Two of a trilogy by three women whose lives were forever changed by adoption -- the teenager who gave her child up, the girl she gave away and the woman who became that girl's mother.
January 6, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
My dinner with Jerry Joan Walsh
January 6, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
The world is ending -- let's get to know our neighbors! James Poniewozik
Y2K bug provides a grand opportunity for media pontification: The Utne Reader weighs in early.
January 6, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)

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