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Mysterious fliers left on Tesla cars accuse the company of instigating the war in Afghanistan, causing "anal itch"

San Francisco's electric car blowback is here, and it's very, very strange

Lindsay Abrams
May 2, 2014 1:25AM (UTC)

Someone with a serious ax to grind against Elon Musk and his electric car company has been leaving fliers on Teslas parked in San Francisco, urging drivers to give the cars back -- if, that is, they don't want to be the kind of person who supports organized crime.

The allegations are as perplexing as they are wide-ranging: They accuse the company of "manipulating Congress" and expound on the risk of the cars' lithium-ion batteries exploding whenever they get wet or "bumped" (to be fair, lithium ion batteries have been known to burst into flames, although past incidents involving Tesla occurred not with a bump, but when the battery pack was slammed by a large metallic object).


Tech journalist Ryan Block tweeted out a copy (a larger version can be read here):

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"Anonymous fliers making outlandish claims aren’t exactly new in San Francisco," SF Gate helpfully points out. But these specific claims are particularly outlandish: Not only did Tesla help instigate a war that began two years before the company was founded, according to the fliers, it's also formed a silent partnership with Google. As for the people behind the wheel? “Psychographic, demographic and marketing studies have been published showing that Tesla drivers have a higher-than-average inclination toward drugs, strange sexual behavior and risk.” And they likely have a bad case of anal itch.


Lindsay Abrams

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