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Should "Top Chef" contestant Jackson have disclosed he lost his sense of taste from COVID? Alison Stine
Disclosing a disability like Long COVID is a personal choice. It can also have serious consequences at work
05/01/2022 15:00 UTC
Could the Zika virus cause another pandemic? Yes — but it wouldn't be anything like COVID Matthew Rozsa
Scientists watched how Zika evolved as it passed through different hosts — and left feeling concerned
04/13/2022 22:42 UTC
Who pays for the COVID lies? Heather Digby Parton
Donald Trump and right-wing media sold their audiences on quack COVID cures — and not the vaccine. Why?
03/23/2022 14:02 UTC
Mitch holds COVID aid "hostage" as free care ends to prevent Biden from ending Trump's border policy Jake Johnson
Democrats called out Republicans for holding much-need pandemic funds "hostage for an extraneous issue"
04/06/2022 16:30 UTC
Study: COVID-19 infects four areas of the male genital tract Kelly McClure
“Surprisingly, the male reproductive tract lit up like a Christmas tree”
03/06/2022 16:20 UTC
Super-contagious COVID variant XE has a key deficiency that could be our saving grace Nicole Karlis
XE may be more contagious than BA.2 — but its spike protein isn't different. Here's why that's a good thing
04/13/2022 21:40 UTC
Rich countries are getting the new COVID vaccine first Jake Johnson
"There are still a lot of unvaccinated people in poor countries and, once again, they are at the back of the line," said one expert.
03/25/2022 09:00 UTC
The diary of a pastry cook with Covid-19 taste and smell loss Maggie Hennessy
When Anna Li realized she couldn't taste her morning cup of coffee, she realized something was very wrong
03/19/2022 21:30 UTC
DeJoy may have violated conflict of interest law by profiting off USPS Covid tests: watchdog group Jake Johnson
Justice Department urged to investigate after watchdog group found DeJoy owns stock in Abbott Laboratories
04/01/2022 14:57 UTC
Joe Rogan’s favorite Covid drug doesn’t seem to help at all, study concludes Matthew Rozsa
A large study found no reduction in hospitalization among COVID-19 patients who took ivermectin
03/31/2022 19:55 UTC
Public health experts are horrified at the rift between red and blue states on COVID Matthew Rozsa
Experts spoke to Salon about how the vaccination and risk difference is exacerbated by political beliefs
04/01/2022 20:24 UTC
Truckers protesting mask orders are now experiencing Covid-like symptoms Travis Gettys
"People's Convoy" truckers protesting Covid-19 safety measures around Washington D.C. are getting sick
03/22/2022 23:18 UTC
New COVID sub-variant, dubbed BA.2.12.1, is rapidly becoming dominant in US Eric Schank
Scientists say that BA.2.12.1 is more prone to infect the lower lungs, which may mean a higher severity
05/12/2022 23:27 UTC
Is Paxlovid, the COVID pill, reaching those who most need it? The government won’t say Hannah Recht
Officials won't say how many people have received antiviral pills, or if they're being equitably distributed
05/15/2022 18:59 UTC
Your blood type may affect how sick you get from COVID-19, genetic study confirms Matthew Rozsa
Along with age and pre-existing conditions, add blood type to the list of factors that affect illness severity
03/08/2022 22:18 UTC