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Romancing the music: "High Fidelity" and "Cherish the Day" find affection in their art Melanie McFarland
Hulu's series revamp of Nick Hornby's novel and Ava DuVernay's new OWN series explore how music informs identity
02/15/2020 00:00 UTC
Tommy Chong waxes philosophical about his stoner persona, jazz music, and dealing with Trump Gary M. Kramer
The actor/activist spoke to Salon about weed & his new film "Color Out of Space," based on an H.P. Lovecraft story
01/23/2020 22:29 UTC
Here are 20 new holiday music releases to bring festive cheer to your ears Annie Zaleski
From Taylor Swift to Ne-Yo, these albums and songs are guaranteed to make the rest of the year merry and bright
12/14/2019 16:00 UTC
Do music lessons really make children smarter? Christoph Droesser
A recent analysis found that most research mischaracterizes the relationship between music and skills enhancement.
11/09/2019 17:59 UTC
A new generation of “plant music” blossoms amidst the Millennial-fueled houseplant boom Ashlie D. Stevens
Ranging from the synth-laden "Plantasia" to Brendan Wells' mellow take, these tunes aren't created for human ears
11/14/2019 20:00 UTC
Think you don't like country music? Ken Burns' new PBS opus will play your heart like a fiddle Melanie McFarland
Burns' latest epic documentary may not go deep as some would like. But it feels welcoming to the country-averse
09/13/2019 23:00 UTC
How Minneapolis made Prince Rashad Shabazz
A human geographer explains how Minneapolis' unique musical culture nurtured and inspired the budding star
02/08/2020 23:59 UTC
Jon Landau saw the future of rock 'n' roll, and helped bring Springsteen's best work to life Kenneth Womack
A closer look at the legendary rock critic, Bruce Springsteen producer and Rock Hall Ahmet Ertegun Award honoree
01/25/2020 18:00 UTC
How to rock out when you're over 35 and not be lame (but for the love of Bowie, wrap it up earlier) Amanda Marcotte
Take it from a Gen Xer: You might be slowing down some, but live rock music is still as vital as it ever was
02/12/2020 22:44 UTC
What made the score of "The Joker" an Oscar-winner Michael Slowik
Sometimes the absence of sound can pack as much of a punch as dramatic music.
02/08/2020 19:59 UTC
How a punk-inspired collective beat the streaming giants at their own game Liliana Harrington
The streaming regime is a terrible way for artists to make a living. A punk co-op just fixed that
01/18/2020 19:00 UTC
Kellyanne Conway dismisses Taylor Swift's LGBTQ advocacy, then butchers an attempt to sing her music Matthew Chapman
“The president supports equality, not pieces of legislation that have poison pills," Conway told Martha MacCallum
08/28/2019 16:30 UTC
From "Batman" to Coachella, Danny Elfman reflects on 35 years of TV and film scoring Annie Zaleski
"Me getting into film music was a case of a fan getting pulled into the sport," the composer tells Salon
02/23/2020 16:00 UTC
New INXS doc revives Michael Hutchence's vibrant mystique amidst the band's diminished legacy Annie Zaleski
The Australian band was one the biggest in the world thanks to its frontman's mesmerizing charisma and moody vocals
01/21/2020 23:14 UTC
10 years of Beyoncé: A decade "causing all this conversation" Sarah Olutola
Beyoncé's work over the last decade is groundbreaking — but it is also filled with questions and contradictions.
12/27/2019 12:30 UTC