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Music recommendation algorithms are unfair to female artists, but we can change that Christine Bauer - Andrés Ferraro
Representation of women & gender minorities in the music industry is low, and streaming services mimic this bias
04/03/2021 16:59 UTC
How the Nazis used music to celebrate and facilitate murder Edward B. Westermann
Music is supposed to transcend the horrific. Yet it has also served as an accompaniment to torture and punishment
03/20/2021 18:59 UTC
Nancy Wilson of Heart: "We weren’t looking to marry or date the Beatles. We wanted to be them" Nicole Michael
On this episode of "Everything Fab Four," Nancy Wilson of Heart talks glass ceilings, guitars, rock and the Beatles
05/07/2021 20:30 UTC
Prince: Why, five years after his death, the Purple One still reigns Adam Behr
Despite the musician's jaw-dropping technique and stagecraft, Prince's legacy retains an air of mystery
04/24/2021 18:59 UTC
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. of the Fifth Dimension on reinterpreting Beatles songs for today Nicole Michael
On this episode of "Everything Fab Four," Ken Womack interviews one iconic duo covering another: Lennon-McCartney
04/24/2021 13:00 UTC
Is Kentucky Derby anthem "My Old Kentucky Home" pro-slavery or anti-slavery? Christopher Lynch
Tracing the history of the state song played at the Kentucky Derby & the widely contradictory interpretations of it
05/01/2021 19:30 UTC
Audio cassettes: despite being "a bit rubbish," sales have doubled during the pandemic — here’s why Iain Taylor
It’s not just old cassettes that are selling: the current crop of pop musicians are shifting their music on tapes
03/29/2021 00:00 UTC
Lil Nas X’s dance with the devil evokes tradition of resisting, mocking religious demonization S. Kyle Johnson
Looking for the meaning of Lil Nas X’s latest video? The detail is in the devil
04/17/2021 16:59 UTC
Why our dislikes should be celebrated as much as our likes Jonathan Gray
Reveling in dislike can give us a modicum of control in a world that inundates us with content
04/26/2021 00:00 UTC
Rudy Giuliani and MyPillow's Mike Lindell win big at the Razzies, which honors the worst in film Hanh Nguyen
"Oh boy, here come the demands for a recount," says the Razzies announcer
04/24/2021 22:49 UTC
Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go’s on her Beatles love and bass player parallels with Paul McCartney Nicole Michael
On this episode of "Everything Fab Four," host Ken Womack interviews the Go-Go's bassist about her life in rock
03/27/2021 14:00 UTC
Ultimate "John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band" remixes spotlight one of the great post-Beatles solo albums Kenneth Womack
New deluxe remix set features an incredible 159 tracks, along with a well-researched and lushly illustrated book
04/23/2021 14:00 UTC
This iconic duo's new cover of "Blackbird" elevates the song’s Civil Rights origins to great heights Kenneth Womack
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. return with an album of Lennon-McCartney covers, their first in 30 years
04/16/2021 14:00 UTC
Nike files lawsuit following right-wing outrage over Lil Nas X's satan shoes Manuela Lopez Restrepo
Conservatives are also very upset by the rapper's new music video
03/29/2021 23:20 UTC
What is an NFT, and why does John Cleese want to sell you his for $69.3 million? Ashlie D. Stevens
Big name artists like Kings of Leon, Boy George and Grimes are all betting on the future of non-fungible tokens
03/25/2021 09:00 UTC