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Republican candidate for Congress suggests pregnancy from rape is nearly impossible Jon Skolnik
"The individual, the male, is doing it ... quickly," said Yesli Vega, Republican running for Congress from Virginia
06/27/2022 15:55 UTC
Supreme Court lets states use illegally gerrymandered GOP maps in 2022 midterm elections Henry L. Chambers Jr.
Court decision will likely affect who gets elected to the House of Representatives
06/02/2022 19:30 UTC
Why spoonbread matters Deb Freeman
The souffle-like corn dish is a Black Southern delicacy — and it's become increasingly rare
05/01/2022 21:00 UTC
U.S. gun laws are causing mayhem and mass murder — and Republicans couldn't be more thrilled Amanda Marcotte
Crappy gun laws cause our crime problems. But Republicans blame liberal prosecutors and make racist arguments
06/06/2022 17:30 UTC
Leaked video shows Starbucks CEO's union-busting efforts Brett Wilkins
"Starbucks is getting desperate as it loses this war in battle after battle," said the union
04/23/2022 08:00 UTC
Bernie Sanders, AOC rally Amazon workers against union busting: "Time to stand up to our oligarchy" Kenny Stancil
If Jeff Bezos can afford a $500 million yacht, Sanders said, he can afford to pay living wages
04/25/2022 18:30 UTC
Leaked memo: Bernie Sanders has "not ruled out" 2024 White House run Brett Wilkins
Former Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir says Bernie may run again if Joe Biden bows out
04/21/2022 16:00 UTC
Charlottesville, COVID, Trump and free speech: How white supremacy entered the mainstream Anis Shivani
The post-Charlottesville crackdown on the alt-right was liberalism's Waterloo. Don't believe me? Look around you
06/19/2022 16:04 UTC
25 Things you might not know about Thomas Jefferson Jake Rossen
Apparently the third president harvested opium and had a pet mockingbird named Dick
04/30/2022 18:59 UTC
The price kids pay: Schools and police punish students with costly tickets for minor misbehavior Jodi Cohen - Jennifer Smith Richards
An Illinois law bans schools from fining students, so local police are doing it for them
04/28/2022 19:30 UTC
Democrats have taken more cash from Fox News' PAC than Republicans since 2018 Igor Derysh
“No one who wants to take money from Fox News or Rupert Murdoch should consider themselves a Democrat,” critic says
02/25/2022 22:25 UTC
The sappy, poignant, and risqué love letters of 7 world leaders Jay Serafino
Who was clingy and who was smutty? Which ones were total wife guys?
03/07/2022 02:00 UTC
Football hero: How George Visger survived the NFL and traumatic brain injury — barely Irvin Muchnick
George Visger played one season in the NFL — and survived nine brain surgeries. Don't ask where he parked the car
01/29/2022 17:00 UTC
Why we can't have a "meritocracy": We have no idea how to measure worth Mary Barker
Under current conditions of capitalism, our only measure of worth is wealth — which leads to worsening inequality
12/25/2021 13:00 UTC
Watch this "Ted Lasso" stop-motion animated Christmas short that's both creepy & heartwarming Hanh Nguyen
Oh come let us adore Coach
12/16/2021 01:37 UTC