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Bee genocide may have been caused by insecticides that make bees unable to walk in a straight line Matthew Rozsa
When exposed to neonicotinoids, bees start to stumble — and that sent billions to their death
08/18/2022 21:04 UTC
Medical students stage mass walk out during anti-abortion doctor's address at white coat ceremony Jon Skolnik
The demonstration came after more than 300 University of Michigan medical students signed a petition
07/25/2022 16:11 UTC
How do ants crawl on walls? Deby Cassill
An ant expert explains how ants seem to defy gravity
09/21/2022 12:15 UTC
Ex-spokesman: Oath Keepers expected Trump to join on Jan. 6, would have acted "completely different" Sarah Burris
"If Trump had walked down to the Capitol building," he said, "we'd be living in a different reality"
09/27/2022 17:30 UTC
Tentative deal to avert catastrophic rail strike reportedly includes sick time win for workers Jake Johnson
It remains to be seen if workers will accept the deal despite Biden's intervention
09/15/2022 14:31 UTC
Trump aides were stunned by his ignorance on key issues: “He knew nothing about so many things” Tom Boggioni
Even Trump's staffers told reporters they were "startled" even "after they spent time in his presence"
09/20/2022 17:30 UTC
Trump complains FBI photo of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago makes him look “like a slob” Brandon Gage
"They put 'em there in a messy fashion, and then they took a picture," Trump complained
09/01/2022 15:30 UTC
A newly-discovered dog-size dinosaur was covered in armor and had tiny arms Matthew Rozsa
The bizarre Jakapil kaniukura resembled an armored pitbull trotting on its hind legs
08/15/2022 22:33 UTC
A "House of the Dragon" wedding celebration turns into a crime scene, mainly due to the dancing Melanie McFarland
No other "Game of Thrones" wedding depicts guests busting a move. "We Light the Way" shows us why that is
09/19/2022 22:00 UTC
What is vasculitis and who gets it? Ashton Kutcher's condition, explained Matthew Rozsa
Vasculitis is a debilitating disease and, in Kutcher's case, temporarily left him without his vision or hearing
08/10/2022 20:59 UTC
Former federal prosecutor: A "day of reckoning" is coming for Trump — but he's not going to jail Chauncey DeVega
Kenneth McCallion battled Trump in court — and says Merrick Garland has "overwhelming evidence" for conviction
09/19/2022 10:00 UTC
Harris wishes "attacks from within" were handled as Americans and not through "partisan lens" Kelly McClure
On "Meet the Press," VP Harris is asked to compare the attacks of 9/11 to recent attacks on Democracy
09/11/2022 14:54 UTC
St. Elmo's, curry goat and duck bowling: A travel writer's guide to eating and playing in Indy Chaya Milchtein
Chaya Milchtein breaks down how travelers of every size can enjoy the "Elopement Capital of the Midwest"
09/24/2022 20:30 UTC
The Smithereens' previously unheard "The Lost Album," from 1993, is worth the long wait Kenneth Womack
This previously unreleased album, recorded between label contracts, is made extra-poignant with time
09/24/2022 15:30 UTC
Now Marjorie Taylor Greene is . . . kicking people? Kelly McClure
While in DC lobbying for youth rights, the Deputy Communications Director for Voters of Tomorrow "got in MTG's way"
09/16/2022 01:49 UTC