Screenshot from the "Koch Brothers Exposed" trailer (Screenshot from the "Koch Brothers Exposed" trailer)

Harry Reid: The Koch brothers are a "main cause" of climate change

“Charles and David Koch are waging a war against anything that protects the environment," the senator said

Lindsay Abrams
May 7, 2014 10:53PM (UTC)

Climate change is a man-made phenomenon, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asserted Tuesday. Specifically, it's the work of two men: Charles and David Koch.

“While the Koch brothers admit to not being experts on the matter, these billionaire oil tycoons are certainly experts at contributing to climate change," Reid said on the Senate floor. "That’s what they do very well. They are one of the main causes of this. Not a cause, one of the main causes."


“The Koch brothers actions against the environment aren’t limited to toxic emissions,” Reid continued, blaming the Kochs for blocking a bipartisan energy efficiency bill as well. “Charles and David Koch are waging a war against anything that protects the environment. Now I know that sounds absurd, but it’s true.”

Some are taking this to be a sign that Reid's gone a bit overboard on his whole anti-Koch crusade, but his assertion that the Kochs are disproportionately contributing to climate change is backed up by a 2013 study from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. On its list of the 100 top corporate air polluters in the United States, Koch Industries ranked 13th. They also ranked 30th for water pollution. Referring to the study, Reid added, "They are the champions."

Check it out below:


h/t Politico

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