Stephen Colbert tackles climate change: "It's so terrifying, I left a carbon footprint in my pants"

Last night's "The Word" pertained to what humans can do to stop global warming: Let our grandkids take care of it

Sarah Gray
May 15, 2014 5:50PM (UTC)

The third National Climate Assessment was released last week, and it contained warnings that climate change is already affecting our country: Catastrophic weather events, droughts, flooding and wildfires are taking a toll on all 50 states.

Last night, on the "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert took a moment to discuss what it meant to the American people.  The National Climate Assessment enraged Colbert (so much that he printed it five times). Obama's apology tour has now extended to apologizing to the Earth itself.


He was angered, he told viewers, until he actually read the report. "It's so terrifying," Colbert said of climate change, "I left a carbon footprint in my pants."

He asks: "Facing an existential crisis beyond anything humanity has ever known, what do we do?"

Colbert's brilliant satire then skewers the right's response (specifically Sen. Marco Rubio's) to what can be done to stop climate change: "F**k it." Leave it to our grandkids to fix (along with Social Security and Medicare).


"Now folks, global warming is bad. I have always believed that I have always said that," Colbert explains. "But doing anything about it is -- and I don't want to get to technical here -- hard."

Watch Colbert's entire (hilarious) answer to climate change below:

Sarah Gray

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