Playing Jane Fonda's daughter

Actor June Diane Raphael has stolen scenes in the Netflix hit show “Grace and Frankie” alongside legends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, as Fonda’s daughter Brianna. Raphael joined Salon’s Alli Joseph to share what’s in store for the show’s fourth season, her recipe for delivering a genuine comedic performance and the challenges of being a working mother.

“I was a very new mom when I auditioned for the show. I had a three-week-old baby. I didn’t even know what was going on or like who I was or where I was,” she told Salon. Raphael was actually late for her audition because she was pumping milk. However, she says it was the support of female producers off screen and the dynamic duo of Fonda and Tomlin on screen that kept her going. “I’ve watched them really just want other people to succeed,” Raphael said. “I think they want everybody to be funny. They’re so amazing on the show and they want everybody to be great on the show. So I’ve just felt really supported by them. It’s been amazing.”

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