Why this border patrol agent quit

Is there any room for a humane approach to apprehending migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border? Francisco Cantú worked as a border patrol agent for nearly four years until he quit because the majority of the people he was stopping were not criminals but hard working people, mothers and kids. Cantú joined Salon’s Alyona Minkovski on “Salon Talks” to talk about the stories in his new book, “The Line Becomes A River,” which details his experiences on the job, a dehumanizing culture among the workforce and the interactions with migrants that stayed with him. Cantú said the book was, in part, a way to examine his “complicity in a violent institution” and partaking in policies that he now sees as “flawed.” Cantú criticized President Trump’s plan to hire more than 2,000 more border agents because he doesn’t think it will fix the problem. To hear more about what Cantú believes should be done to address immigration, watch the video above and read the Salon Article.

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