Chef David Chang’s eating adventure

That perfectly plated slice of cake and glorious avocado toast may make for a great Instagram moment, but more often, authentically dazzling eating experiences involve grub that acclaimed chef and restaurateur David Chang calls "Ugly Delicious."

In the new, extremely bingeable and eminently appetite stoking Netflix series of the same name, Chang sets out to explore the iconic foods we love, the ways they bring us together and the enduring debates over where to get the world's greatest pizza or taco. The show's executive producer, Academy Award, Grammy Award and Emmy Award-winning director Morgan Neville spoke recently with Mary Elizabeth Williams on "Salon Talks" about how "food is the most omnipresent part of culture."

"We all have this relationship with food," he said, adding, "We're all identified by the food we eat and what we grew up eating and what we like." That's why, he says, "Food is the perfect Trojan horse to talk about anything. It's about how we can understand other people, through their food. It's the gateway to making sure that people aren't the other."

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