Salon Talks: Howard Buffett

Howard Buffett joined Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir to discuss his plan for rethinking America’s border security and why he wants the country’s raging opioid epidemic to be implemented into the national security conversation. The philanthropist, rancher, sheriff of Macon County, Illinois, and son of Warren Buffett shares his solution to America’s border crisis his new book, "Our 50-State Border Crisis: How the Mexican Border Fuels the Drug Epidemic Across America.”

Instead of delving into the politics of American immigration policy, Buffett's book focuses on solutions for border security. For Buffett, the connection between America’s drug epidemic and the drugs smuggled across our borders is obvious. “We measure our success at the border today—the department of homeland security measures it—based on apprehensions and seizures of drugs,” Buffett said. “I would say let's measure it by how many U.S. citizens are dying from those drugs coming across the border because in excess of 90 percent of the drugs, the illegal drugs are either coming from or through Mexico.”

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