Salon Talks: Sally Kohn of CNN

Bullying, animosity and trolling—why do we hate and is today’s type of hate different? Author, columnist and CNN commentator Sally Kohn joins Salon’s Amanda Marcotte to discuss why her intense anger around the 2016 election drove her to write a book exploring the root causes of hate. Kohn shares her findings and her new book, “The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity,” with SalonTV.

Kohn draws upon America’s history to contextualize the origins of hate and analyses the style of hatred permeating America’s political landscape today. The problem with how we hate today, according to Kohn, is that many of us have a tendency to excuse it in ourselves and blame others for having it. She outlines this example: “If I hate Trump supporters well that’s because of something they did or said or blah blah blah you know, but I’m not a hateful person. If Trump supporters hate that’s because of who they are, they are endemically inherently hateful.” Instead of seeing hate through this flawed outlook, “we’re all a part of the problem,” Kohn noted. “You don’t have to do it all to recognize that you do a piece of it and that the habit—the culture of demanding and demonizing others. If you contribute to it in a small way you’re still a part of the problem.”

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