The hidden meaning in “Black Panther”

What does "Black Panther" mean to Black America? Danielle Young, writer and producer for The Root and Wilbert Cooper, senior editor at Vice, joined Salon's D. Watkins to examine the historic cultural impact of the film and help all audiences understand some of important themes they might have missed. "Black Panther" is the most talked about movie on the planet after earning $241.9 million over the long weekend and breaking multiple box office records.

"First of all if you're white and seeing this movie, thank you for being open and not being a hater of seeing a black superhero in a predominantly black cast," The Root's Danielle Young said. However, Young notes, there are noteworthy motifs throughout the story that white audiences may have missed. Vice's Wilbert Cooper pointed out the duality of the feud between Killmonger and Black Panther. "This isn't just a good guy versus a bad guy, these are two representations of the black psyche. Sort of not really warring with each other but trying to find themself within each other. It's almost like they're two halves of a whole trying to find their sense of identity," Cooper said.

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