What's old is cool: Interpol records “Marauder" to tape and uses Nixon-era album art as nod to Trump

Interpol's guitarist Daniel Kessler offers SalonTV an inside look at the band's recording process for their forthcoming album "Marauder," out August 24 from Matador Records. The New York City rock band, which made its mark on the post-punk revival scene in the 1990s and early 2000s, took a throwback approach to creating their sixth studio album

recording to tape. Kessler joined "Salon Talks" to describe the process and how the album's artwork has a unique tie-in to Nixon and American politics today.

"By doing two-inch tape and committing to it for the most part of making a record, it sort of limits you. You can look at it as limiting you, like limiting your options, but also it can be limiting you in a good way," Kessler told SalonTV's Amanda Marcotte. The band's specific vision of using analog tape led to an "in the moment kind of record," Kessler explains.

Interpol made a specific choice with the cover artwork for "Marauder," as well, choosing a Garry Winogrand photograph depicting the resignation of President Richard Nixon's U.S. Attorney General Elliot Richardson. In 1973, Nixon ordered Richardson to fire the special prosecutor who was investigating what would become Watergate, Richardson refused and resigned, opting for loyalty to the United States over his commitment to Nixon. "It's an incredibly important moment in American history," Kessler explained. "It's one that kind of mirrors what's happening in this day and age. Just because that happened then, who knows where we're heading and so forth. It's unpredictable moment by moment."

Watch the full interview above to hear Kessler sound off on how gentrification in New York City has had an effect on the indie music scene and why his advice for aspiring musicians is all about having a personal love for music. "Things didn't happen that easy for us in our early days," Kessler said. "We were a band for five years before we put out our first record, but what kept us a band is, I think, we were getting something out of it for ourselves."

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