Rhea Seehorn on why her "Better Call Saul" character definitely shops at Marshalls

Rhea Seehorn is the owner of the most iconic ponytail on television right now. Sorry, Lili Reinhart. As Kim Wexler, the overworked, steely attorney and lone primary female in the always morally shaky world of "Better Call Saul,", Seehorn presents a realistic and relatable vision of a diligent, exhausted and often morally compromised working woman trying to get ahead against the odds. And that struggle often shows up at the top of her head.

People talk about the ponytail, Seehorn told Mary Elizabeth Williams recently on "Salon Talks." "All the time." "It became this entire symbol thing," she said. "It starts to drag a little because Kim's becoming unraveled, and then it's more tightly coiled."

Seehorn's subtle, smart performance has connected deeply with fans. The actress herself thinks that people "respond to the idea of watching someone work hard to get ahead and get squished down and try again," Seehorn said. "They end up finding Kim very accessible because this is someone who desperately wants to believe if you work hard enough you'll be alright. They want to know that amounts to something. I love that people respond to that. They love sitting watching her highlighting things and working hard."

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