Why Margo Martindale likes mean roles

Three-time Emmy Award winner Margo Martindale has paid her dues in Hollywood, and now she feels like she's getting roles that she really wants

evil, mean and deep characters. Martindale joined "Salon Talks" to discuss her role as Claudia, the KGB handler, in the final season of FX's "The Americans." Martindale says it was her role as Hilary Swank's mother in 2004's "Million Dollar Baby" that "turned the corner" for her career and set her up for roles in Claudia. "People saw another side of me, that saw this capacity for evil," Martindale said. "The woman in 'Million Dollar Baby' was dumb and mean because she didn't have any idea how to be a mother."

Martindale has seen success with breakout roles in television shows like "Dexter," "The Good Fight," "Sneaky Pete" "and "Justified.", but she insists that she only cares about one thing: getting the job. "Quite honestly, I don't care what you call me, just give me the job. And let me play somethin' different. And I never thought character actress was a bad thing!"

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