Salon Stage: Jessica Lea Mayfield

The country rock artist plays an exclusive performance from her fourth solo album “Sorry Is Gone” and explains how an abusive relationship inspired her latest work.

Jessica Lea Mayfield performed on “Salon Stage” on the heels of the release of her cathartic new album in September. In July, Mayfield gave fans an indication of what subjects her forthcoming project would cover when she posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed recovering from surgery on a broken shoulder related to a domestic violence incident with her estranged husband.

While “Sorry is Gone” delves into Mayfield’s abusive marriage, she didn’t always feel ready to share her own story. She told Salon, “I really struggled with whether or not I should speak publicly about what happened to me. And I feel like at the end of it I thought the only good thing that can come from what happened and what was happening to me was if I could help one person.” Mayfield’s album doesn’t dwell on suffering and instead focuses on her journey to rebuild her life and reclaim her identity.

While performing the album’s self-titled single “Sorry Is Gone” on “Salon Stage,” Mayfield shared the song’s meaning. “I think something ‘Sorry Is Gone’ is about is just not apologizing for anything you say or do and just being yourself and having that be okay. You have the right to be who you are,” she said.

Watch the video above to hear more about Mayfields new album “Sorry is Gone” and why she is advocating for women everywhere to speak up about their experiences.

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