The harmful effects of Trump-era policies

Trump's accomplishments in the White House in his first year are making life worse for many Americans.

Are you under the impression that nothing significant has happened during Trump's first year in office aside from tweets, golf, and insults? Salon's Alyona Minkovski breaks down some of the most damaging policies and practices that have had an impact on people's lives for "Salon Now."

The tax bill is the biggest legislative achievement of the year, and while it's being sold as a win for the middle class, it overwhelmingly benefits corporations and the wealthy. By 2025, benefits to lower-income and middle class Americans will expire and yet breaks for the wealthy will go up!

When it comes to environmental protections, while pulling out of the Paris Accord might not be felt in daily life, Republicans have significantly rolled back laws that impact Americans across the country. That includes revoking a rule that prevented coal mining companies from dumping debris into local streams and rejecting a ban on a potentially harmful insecticide.

Immigration policies have already separated families and made travel and work more difficult for many people. Trump administration's travel ban affects people from six Muslim-majority countries, legal immigration has been slowed and arrests of non-criminal undocumented immigrants surged by 250 percent, according to government data.

Trump has also legitimized hate by saying there are good people on "both sides" after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Meanwhile, FBI statistics show that hate crimes are on the rise with increases in attacks based on race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

To hear more of the tangible effects and damage after one year of Trump, watch the video above.

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