Do advertising trends result in better products?

Have you noticed that advertisements are asking more from you, the consumer? Since only 30 percent of viewers watch TV live, advertisers are desperate to adapt to changing habits. What you’ll notice in many Super Bowl ads this year is companies adapting their strategies to focus on engagement. This is their attempt at building brand loyalty.

Norty Cohen, the CEO of advertising company Moosylvania and author of “The Participation Game,” joined Salon’s Alyona Minkovski on “Salon Now” to discuss what keeps the world’s biggest brands on top and how there are more opportunities than ever before for consumers to make companies adapt to their tastes. “I think on a positive side, instead of looking at is as how are they manipulating you, it’s like, what’s the opportunity?” Cohen said. To hear more about how you can find a silver lining in the forced changes in advertising, watch the video above.

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