Salon Talks: Denis Leary

Comedian and actor Denis Leary reveals his plan to save America, including nominating Tom Hanks for president.

Fame has infiltrated the White House, but at this point, should celebrity actually be part of the strategy? Maybe, according to Leary.

"It's crazy how fame has sort of eaten alive the political system," Leary said on "Salon Talks" with Jeremy Binckes. "I don't want any more Clintons, we're done with the Clintons. I don't want any more Bushes, we're done with the Bushes. God knows I don't want one of the Trump boys to run after their dad's done."

Leary discussed his new book, "Why We Don't Suck: And How All of Us Need to Stop Being Such Partisan Little Bitches," and the effect comedy is having on democracy.

If we have to deal in fame and that's how we're going to elect people

Oprah," he suggested. "I want a female president. I think we, as a democracy, we're really lagging behind. Other democracies that we've helped create have female leaders and we've never had one so I think it's time for that."

Leary went on to discuss how people connect with politics through entertainment, specifically comedy, which he touted as "the ultimate form of democracy."

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