GOLD Comedy’s Lynn Harris

How do you teach comedy to women? "You just teach comedy," says Lynn Harris, who founded GOLD Comedy, the first ever stand-up comedy project geared towards girls, women, and "others."

While the industry has undoubtedly come a long way, Harris told Salon in an interview for "Salon Talks" that women are still treated differently from male comics. She says it's still common for there to only be one woman in a line-up, or for presenters to point out that a "lady" is hitting the stage next, setting more pressure on the performers. "Now you have eight minutes to prove women are funny," Harris said.

As for recent sexual misconduct allegations against famous comedians like Louis C.K. and SNL alumni and Senator Al Franken, Harris says, "at this point, nothing surprises me." Harris is also a journalist and novelist who recently wrote a piece for TIME entitled, "Louis C.K. is just the latest reason we need more women in comedy."

To hear more about her experiences in the industry, tips on being funny, and her feelings on sexism in entertainment and other industries, watch the full interview above.

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