Salon Talks: Luke Mitchell of NBC's "Blindspot"

Is Luke Mitchell’s character on NBC’s hit show, “Blindspot” a villain? Not according to the actor.

Mitchell joined Salon’s Alyona Minkovski for Salon Talks and explained that his character Roman is a “very damaged individual” and “has so much pain,” but is ultimately misunderstood.

The show centers around a Jane Doe character who is found in Times Square with tattoos all over her body. As the show has developed over the course of three seasons, the audience has been given clues about her past life. That includes the complicated relationship she has with her brother Roman.

Mitchell said that the show’s EP has been generous to him in letting him on 70 to 80 percent of what will be happening in the season, a huge departure from his previous acting experiences. On “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Mitchell said he only learned of his character’s death when getting the script.

“It’s so hard to plan anything being an actor. You’re either unemployed and all you want to be is working, or you have a job but you don’t know how long it’s gonna last,” Mitchell said. Despite the uncertainty, he loves his job.

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