Advice from “Unfiltered Mom”

YouTuber, author and mother of two Kathy Chlan is a breath a fresh air.

Chlan, who created the blog and YouTube series "The Unfiltered Mom," doesn't strive for perfection in parenting. Instead, she goes for humor and a light-hearted attitude. She draws inspiration from her experience as a mother to and a teacher of children with special needs.

"I just think by keeping the humor in, you don't lose yourself," Chlan told "Salon Talks." "I met a lot of women that just lost themselves and had that 'woe is me' attitude and I didn't want to be like that. I wanted to teach him that life is going to throw you a shitload of curveballs but it's the way you handle it."

Chlan teaches this in her book "Maternally Challenged: How My Special Needs Son Taught Me to Sack Up & Laugh!," which chronicles some of her craziest parenting experiences. She also offers motivation to parents on how to keep going no matter how hard it gets.

And Chlan encourages for mothers to embrace their mistakes. "Don't sweat the small stuff. Take every day as it comes and don't think about everything being so perfect. Because as we know there is no perfection in the world."

Watch the full episode above to learn more about Chlan's strategies for raising compassionate children and her thoughts on how the government is changing special needs classrooms.

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