New Year's Eve survival guide

Psychologist Jeff Gardere has New Year’s Eve survival tips for anyone who might be alone when the clock strikes midnight.

Gardere explained the importance of creating one's own rituals around the New Year. “Even if you have to be alone in that space, you don't have to be alone emotionally. Set up your own agenda. If you want to watch the ball drop, if you want to have your own little glass of champagne, make it a celebratory time, make it something that is a ritual, because this is a ritual, a worldwide ritual," he said.

"So don't be left out of society. Engage in the ritual. Create your own ritual, if you will, as far as seeing the new year,” Gardere added.

The psychologist also stressed how necessary it is to reach out to friends and loved ones who may be ringing into the new year by themselves.

“It is our responsibility to reach out to those individuals who have no choice but to be alone. Whether by FaceTime, Skype, what have you, telephone calls, checking in on them, doing the countdown with them by telephone, while you're doing that with family, or friends, or whatever the case may be, that we let them know, as we move into this new era, this new year, that you are not forgotten, and we will always cherish you," he said. "And we are going to go into this new year together.”

Watch the the clip above to learn more about Dr. Jeff Gardere’s tips for surviving a New Year’s Eve alone.

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