A young director's call for action

The first time director behind "Blame," a high school drama about a forbidden student-teacher affair speaking out on power dynamics in Hollywood.

In "Blame," Quinn Shephard, who wrote, directed, produced and edited the film, pairs complicated questions of consent and sexualization with the turmoil of teenage life. It's a movie that resonates now more than ever. The 22-year-old renaissance women joined Salon's Alyona Minkovski on "Salon Talks" to discuss the importance of talking about sexual abuse and the responsibility of the abuser. She told Salon, "I think it's never the girl's responsibility to, I don't know, to not be abused. It's the man's responsibility to take control of the situation and to not be an abuser."

Watch the clip above to hear more about Shephard's thoughts on the #MeToo movement in Hollywood. Also check out the full episode to hear about her own coming of age during the making "Blame," the challenges facing independent filmmakers and telling women's stories with the depth and complexity they deserve. Tune into SalonTV's live shows, "Salon Talks" and "Salon Stage", daily at noon ET / 9 a.m. PT and 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT, streaming live on Salon, Facebook and Periscope.

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