Chef Marcus Samuelsson's expert tips for cooking like a pro at home

Ever wanted to cook like a chef for friends and family or take on a new recipe, but didn't know where to start? Red Rooster's chef Marcus Samuelsson helps out D. Watkins on the "Salon 5" and delivers his top five pro tips for anyone who wants to cook better at home. It all starts at the grocery store or farmer's market. Samuelsson's tips hit on everything from how to pick out fresh fish, to understanding that cooking is a language and requires flexibility. Check out the full video above to hear all of the crucial cooking lessons.

You can catch Samuelsson on his new show "No Passport Required," where he travels America and eats his way through immigrant communities. And, watch him on this episode of "Salon Talks." The chef sat down with D. Watkins to unpack the new show, his own immigrant roots, and why he thinks food is like music.

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