Democrats have a strategic decision to make after midterm wins

In Salon’s post-midterms analysis, SalonTV’s D. Watkins and guest Wendy Osefo, a Johns Hopkins professor and Democratic political analyst, break down how Tuesday’s big wins for Democrats will the set the tone in Washington looking ahead to 2020.

Much of the attention is on the president and how he will handle his first major political blow since taking office with Democrats now taking control of the House. Osefo, on the other hand, is focused on what Democrats will do with their edge.

“Dems need to legislate. I know everyone wants them to start impeachment proceedings, but that’s what they expect us to do. We have to be strategic. You have to have points on the board going into 2020,” Osefo told SalonTV’s D Watkins.

“You cannot simply say that our big rallying cry, our big platform is the opposition of Donald Trump,” she continued. “Yes you can resist, you can oppose Donald Trump, but what are you putting forth to help the American people?”

Watch the video above to hear why Osefo thinks Democrats need to move away from propelling celebrity candidates, why black women need to be considered more when campaigning, and why 2020 preparation should start today.

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