Kathy Griffin, proud D-lister, eyes a return to television

“I'm sort of a political comedian now for better or worse,” Kathy Griffin admitted on “Salon Talks,” while discussing how she is reshaping her career after the viral explosion of a 2017 photo featuring her and a ketchup-covered Donald Trump Halloween mask.

While the stunt cost her jobs and friends, Griffin (a self-proclaimed “proud D-lister”) said on “Salon Talks” that she doesn’t mind starting over.

That realization didn’t come overnight or without challenges. “I'm not trying to get pity, but I don't have one single day of paid work ahead of me for the rest of my life,” she said. “My inner Joan Rivers is dying because like her I wanna know what gig is coming down the line and I'm a television animal, and I would love a presence on television again.”

Griffin is in the process of shopping around a taping she arranged of her world comedy tour “Laugh Your Head Off.” Many of the traditional networks won’t touch it because it’s tinged with politics. However, Griffin says she is up for the challenge because of her confidence in her audience of “resisters, soccer moms and gay guys” that’s strong enough to sell out shows around the world.

“Once I took over the promotion part of my business it forced me to learn and change my whole business model,” Griffin said.

Watch the full episode to hear about Griffin’s experiences with the FBI and how she first met President Trump back in the ‘90s during his guest appearance on “Suddenly Susan.”

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