Is subpoena power the key to targeting Trump? Seth Abramson explains

Here’s how Democrats should exercise their subpoena power in the House to probe Trump and investigate his administration, according to Seth Abramson, an attorney, criminal investigator, and author of the New York Times bestselling book "Proof of Collusion: How Donald Trump Betrayed America”.

“Now that the Democrats run the intelligence committee, the oversight committee, the judiciary committee, the committees that really will be taking the forefront along with ways and means on this investigation, they need to issue those subpoenas,” Abramson told SalonTV’s Dean Obeidallah. “They need to bring the witnesses in who should have been called, and there are dozens of them. They need to have them testify in public.”

In the video above, Abramson goes on to explain the most important meeting between Trump associates during the 2016 campaign that we're not talking about yet and its connection to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Watch Salon’s full episode with Abramson to hear about Trump’s decades-long relationship with Russia, the potential next steps in Robert Mueller’s investigation, and more about his book, “Proof of Collusion,” which synthesizes hundreds of major media investigative reports on Trump and Russia.

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