Andrea Savage on changing the “impossible” standards for women in TV on her “I’m Sorry” set

Andrea Savage, creator and star of the truTV comedy television series “I’m Sorry,” is committed changing the environment for women in Hollywood behind the scenes.

“I don't think shows have to be run in the way that they've been run before,” Savage shared on “Salon Talks.” “They can be run more efficiently and they can be run in a way that you can be a woman and have children and also do this job.”

Savage is taking her position of power in Hollywood, at least for the time being running “I’m Sorry” “very seriously.” “I have a position to make decisions and actually affect change in terms of women in this industry,” she said. And it goes beyond just hiring women and making them feel comfortable, it involves creating a logistically feasible work environment.

“I really work to make our set family-friendly and female-friendly in terms of our writing hours start after [school] drop-off, and we stop usually around 5 o'clock,” she says. “Because I like to hire people with families, we shoot basically from seven to seven,” Savage explains referring to her show “I’m Sorry.”

As an executive producer, writer, director and mom herself Savage is up front about the real challenges women face when it comes to family. he says, “You've made a commitment to have children, and it's very difficult to do both. But I'm trying to use the position that I'm in right now to show that you can make it work.”

Season two of “I’m Sorry” returns on truTV on January 9 at 10 p.m. ET. Watch the video above to learn exactly how Andrea Savage is trying to change the paradigm. And watch the full episode to hear why Savage was growing tired of the stereotypical mom roles on television, and how she grew inspiration from Julia Louis-Dreyfus when playing the president on “Veep.”

Photo courtesy of truTV.


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Photo courtesy of truTV

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