Why this Mar-a-Lago dinner with Don King is a window into Trump's psychology

What's it like to dine with Trump at his Palm Beach enclave Mar-a-Lago? Laurence Leamer, the New York Times best-selling author whose latest book "Mar-a-Lago: Inside the Gates of Power at Donald Trump's Presidential Palace," is available now, reveals to Salon what happened when he attended a dinner there in 2016.

"We were seated maybe 15 feet away from Trump, and he's there," Leamer told SalonTV's Dean Obeidallah. Legendary boxing promoter Don King, a friend of Trump's, was also at the dinner. "Don King is dressed as Uncle Sam. He's in red, white and blue. He's got the big hat on. He sits down with Trump, and I'm thinking this is bizarre beyond bizarre."

Watch the video above to find out what happens next, and what the night reveals about Trump's leadership style and personality. Plus, Leamer weighs in on why "Citizen Kane" is Trump's favorite film. In the full episode, Leamer opens up about why Trump is untouchable in Palm Beach.

"The other thing this guy has which we don't write about this in history books, is he's incredibly lucky. Time and time again when somebody else would have been defeated, this guy goes on and he did that in Palm Beach. Nobody's beaten him in Palm Beach," Leamer said.

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