Amber Tamblyn, a Time’s Up founder, on the "difficult" women winning elections

For actress Amber Tamblyn, reckoning with the rage and deep self-reflection she experienced during her turbulent twenties has been formative for understanding the existential crisis America is currently enduring with Donald Trump as president.

“I was trying to figure out a term to describe what comes post this rage that everyone's been feeling, this sense of chaos,” the writer and director shared on “Salon Talks” with SalonTV’s Alexandra Clinton. Tamblyn landed on the term “era of ignition,” also the name of her new memoir, which combines a story about her personal evolution from child actress to poet, director and activist with reflections on the 2008 and 2016 elections, fourth wave feminism and how the MeToo movement has rattled Hollywood.

“Things are changing rapidly, and we don't know what to do. We can't control things,” Tamblyn said. “Being able to talk about these things now, and being able to have space for all different kinds of people to talk about not only the ways in which they want things to change but also to present ideas. How we can do that, collectively, together, going forward, is so important. The whole message of this book, in particular, is talking about the proactive nature, going forward.”

As one of the Time’s Up initiative's founding members, Tamblyn opened up about the private meetings she and other actresses had shortly after the initial Harvey Weinstein accusations surfaced. “We were just getting in these rooms together, and being angry, and talking about why we were angry.”

She continued, “It was something no woman in the entertainment business has really done before, without having a filter, being able to sit down, privately, and saying not only are we gonna express how we feel and what we've been through, but we are going to push for change. We're not gonna ask for permission anymore, and we are going to change this.”

Watch the episode above to hear more about Tamblyn’s reflections on how the MeToo movement and her take on the female candidates entering the race for the presidency where she jokes, “emotions are illegal” and “having your period is illegal.”

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