Will Facebook’s efforts ever curb paranoia around privacy?

With concerns of Russia’s influence on America’s elections through social media platforms like Facebook, the companies are under fire for privacy concerns and asking for government regulation.

Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein agreed on “Salon Talks” and offered multiple strategies for Facebook, including having users have their privacy protected until they relinquish it and transparency about what the newsfeed is doing and why.

And, Sunstein argues, social media algorithms are creating echo chambers “where you're just seeing louder and louder and maybe uglier versions of what you thought.” His latest book “How Change Happens.”, explores political and social movements and how small “nudges” can enact change in meaningful ways for society.

Watch the video above to hear why Cass Sunstein is giving credit to Mark Zuckerberg for admitting that Facebook needs to be regulated. And check out the full episode to hear Sunstein describe the best ways to curb the negative side of social movements, such as the more recent rise in white nationalism.

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