How this community farm is sparking economic growth and a Whole Foods hot sauce

Chloe Sorvino of Forbes sits down with Raymond Figuero Reyes, president of New York City Community Garden Coalition, to discuss how neighborhoods are creating local solutions to addressing the underlying causes of hunger during a special series of conversations on food affordability hosted by Food Tank, Salon, and New York University's Steinhardt School.

According to Figuero Reyes, community gardens are addressing systemic marginalization in real ways and rewriting the notion that "land has been programmed out of the black community." Figuero Reyes shared how his Bronx garden is seeing economic success, too.

"We've been able to collectively bring our resources together to aggregate harvest in such a way that the harvests are so productive that we're able to support a product known as Bronx Hot Sauce," he said.

Watch the full conversation above to hear more about the food-based economic development going on in NYC community gardens and why they're also a hub for peace and understanding in under-served neighborhoods.

And watch the full Solving Hunger Food Tank and Salon event here.

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