Rep. Ted Lieu talks impeachment, Iran and the Democratic debates

Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu of California was one of the early voices calling for impeachment inquiries of President Donald Trump. Now with over 70 members of Congress on board, SalonTV’s Dean Obeidallah talks to the third-term representative about the House Judiciary Committee, his no holds barred criticism of Trump, and the questions he’s asking about Trump’s U.S.-Iran policy.

“The administration has no Iran strategy,” Lieu told Salon in response to how Trump is responding to Iran shooting down a U.S. drone last week. “The president himself doesn't really know what to do, and in something as deadly serious as the use of military force, we can't be engaged in amateur hour. We're watching an administration that doesn't really know how to respond.”

Lieu also opened up about Hope Hicks’ visit to the House Judiciary Committee last week and the White House counsel’s notion that she should be granted “absolute immunity.” “The administration is just making stuff up. It's basically pure BS. They're going to get destroyed in court,” Lieu said. He explained some of the reasoning behind the seemingly basic questions he asked Hicks. “One reason we did this is we wanted to put on the record how absurd absolute immunity is.”

Watch the interview above to hear more about how Lieu sees impeachment inquiries going moving forward and how he is “making sure we have the strongest case before these courts.” Plus, Lieu throws his 2020 support behind fellow Californian, Senator Kamala Harris.

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