MSNBC’s Joy Reid on how America can save itself from Trump and Trumpism

“I open by calling Donald Trump the Joker because chaos is what Donald Trump can do,” Joy Reid, host of MSNBC’s “AM Joy” explained on “Salon Talks” about her new book “The Man Who Sold America: Trump and the Unraveling of the American Story.”

But beyond creating chaos, Reid notes, Trump has dangerously emboldened and championed the views of white supremacists. “Donald Trump channels the sense of victimization that his base feels as well,” Reid said. “The kind of person that the data shows does vote for Trump, or did vote for Trump, or really likes him is the kind of white American who feels that they are now victimized, that racism really is directed at white people. That white Americans are becoming the minority and are being besieged and persecuted by liberals, by east coast elites, by people of color.”

Reid makes it clear that neither she, nor the Black community as a whole, were caught off guard by the 2016 election results given what they’ve witnessed over the years: “African Americans have always been a lot more realistic about America since we’ve experienced America in its worst moments.”

And, get ready. It may get worse in 2020, given Trump’s continued use of white victimhood, which as Reid explained is the “door” that white supremacists use to attract white supporters. “If people feel anxious and they feel their ‘tribe’ is threatened by the other ‘tribes,’ by immigrants, it’s just a way in the door,” she said.

According to Reid, we can expect Trump to use even more chaos, racism, bigotry, sexism and everything else Trump used to win in 2016. The question remains, how long after Trump is out of office will it take our nation to recover from not just Trump but also from Trumpism?

Watch the episode above to hear more from Reid on what tactics Trump will use in his 2020 campaign, the role the media plays in covering Trump and amplifying his views, and the scare tactics being used around the world to embolden the president’s white base.

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